What we do

We share learning and expertise in the area of sustainable social and environmental solutions, development policy, strategy, organizational development, Business Social Responsibility and business sustainability at ongoing consulting basis. We help promote partnerships, stakeholder management, convergence, linkages and building institutional capacities and organizational change for sustaining social development to achieve organizational goals.

We support, enable and facilitate development goals of social partners / organizations and their deliverables on continual basis. We conduct research and process documentation, Program planning, monitoring and evaluation, impact measurement, stakeholder capability development, building institutional collaborations, and partnerships for enabling organizations to be effective and efficient in reaching goals.

We work in the areas of sustainable, social, environmental and water solutions, impact studies, sustainability - corporate social responsibility, social audit, community and stakeholder engagement, perception management, institutional development towards mitigation, and measurement for sustainability reporting.

We undertake development programs and projects with a focus on reducing social risk and vulnerability, tackling social exclusion, designing social protection measures, promoting rights based gender and working with civil society initiatives.


How we Create Value

Facilitate, promote and build capacities of key stakeholders, through helping with critical inputs in building process and systems.A participatory and results-based approach forms the basis of all our work, together with our dedication to quality, integrity, value added innovation and cost effectiveness.

Seeks input sustainability through inbreeding convergence, linkages with ongoing development projects of Govt. & Non-government and CSR initiatives of Business.


Emerging Challenges



How a constraints can then results in performance and works for sustainability…

How a strategy helps organizations to build critical drivers to manage success…

What change means to performance, image and brand?

What partnerships means for growth?

What social accountability means to successful business?

What competitions and costs means for program management?

The way that an organization manages these issues can be business critical. An unchecked issue can fester and infect the organization’s long term reputation. Recovery is possible, but time consuming and very expensive.

Hence, much better is to have a strategy in place to pro-actively manage issues before they turn into crises. Mainstay is geared up with the resources and skills to help you do this.