Board Of Directors & Team

Board of Directors

Dr. S.F. Chandra Sekhar, Chairman and Director

(Organizational Development & Research)
Dr. S.F. Chandra Sekhar worked as Professor of Human Resource Management, has over twenty-seven years of experience in corporate and academics. His Ph.D. is on the work systems interdependence and quality of work experiences in large hospitals. His interests include HR and OB, health care systems, Human Resource research, Data analytics, behavioral services, performance management, and high-performance work systems, Spirituality at Work Place. He held assignments at Roda Mistry College of Social Work, Apollo Hospitals, ASCI-Hinduja Institute of Healthcare Management, and NGOs. Nine PhDs and one M.phil were awarded under his supervision. He has published five books in the field of general management and HR. His forthcoming books in the press are “Statistics for Management”, “work system, and quality of work experiences”. Around 80 of his publications are in popular peer-reviewed journals. Seven project reports were submitted to the government of India and three reports to the corporate bodies. Besides, participated and presented papers in various national and international seminars on human aspects of management. As a resource person, he has offered services in MDPs at several PSUs and private sector companies in India and abroad.

Dr. Vijay Bhaskar,Founding Director and Managing Director

Dr. Vijay Bhaskar has over 20 years worked with Non-profits, International Development Agencies, and MNC's in actively contributing to sustainable social development, towards building sustainable communities and on the other hand, sharing expertise in promoting sustainable business. He possesses Masters in Social Work, Ph.D. in Psychology, his core strengths revolve around Strategic CSR, Policy development, Program execution, and measuring and driving Sustainability, while building strategic collaborations and partnerships. His experiences include managing large non-profit and corporate social development, stakeholder engagement and driving program, and organizational sustainability, which includes strategy development for sustainable procurement/supply chain, in an engaging social element in business. His core expertise includes - Social Impact Assessments SIA, Social Risk Mitigation SRM, SROI, Community and Stakeholder Engagement, Resettlement, Social Research, livelihoods, NRM & Food Security, Disaster Risk Reduction, Behavioral & Psycho-social interventions. He has managed the promotion of high impact Social Enterprises, facilitating Business Social Responsibility (BR) among SME's within industrial clusters Further, he has extensively worked with Global FMCG clients in providing social risk management and developing strategic CSR, sustainable community and institutional engagement and partnerships, social audit and process for measuring social benefits and reporting in India, Canada, Sri Lanka, and Nepal.

V. Rajesh Kumar, Director

V. Rajesh Kumar holds qualifications in Business Administration, Industrial Relations, and Literature & Law. A firm professional with over 20 years of corporate experience in diverse areas like Administration, Personnel Management, Legal & Liaison, Business Development across Manufacturing and Service sectors with interests in formulating policies & developing systems for organizational development (OD), developing standards & procedures for sustainable business continuity, statutory & regulatory compliances and legal matters in corporate ambit.
Seasoned corporate case operative in matters about Environment, Compliance, Legal & Administration in Liaison with Government Departments of Telangana State Viz. Revenue Dept., Agricultural Marketing Committee (APMC), Directorate of Animal Husbandry (DAH), Pollution Control Board (PCB), Food Safety & Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), Municipal Administration Dept., Directorate of Factories (DAF), Commissioner of Labor, District Courts, High Court, National Green Tribunal (NGT), etc.


S.A. Hirudia Raj, Senior Consultant

(Integrated Water Resource Management & WASH)
S.A. Hirudia Raj comes with 22 years of experience in the rural development sector, especially in the Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene – WASH. Have experience working with Action for Food Production –AFPRO, The World Bank, and UNICEF. Also worked with DFID, EU, Royal Netherland Embassy -RNE and FAO supported projects on development of Drinking water security plans, Integrated Water Resource Management -IWRM, Natural Resources Management –NRM, Crop Water Budgeting, Aquifer Mapping, Hydrogeological studies, Development of GIS-based database for assessment of village wise Groundwater potential and Strategy for Development, Conducted Geo –Physical surveys for locating feasible well sites, Well Logging, Pumping tests for deriving aquifer characteristics. Contributed for the achievement of about 300 Open Defecation Free –ODF Villages, the establishment of 3 - WASH Academies (for Toilet construction Material supply, Toilet Designs, Mason’s training, and Knowledge hub), Creating a cadre of CLTS Master Trainers and Motivators for Behavior change through CLTS and development of State-level policy framework on Solid and Liquid Waste Management –SLWM and demonstration of SLWM components in rural areas. Evaluated several programs with due concern for gender and equity adopting various participatory approaches, like SWOT analysis, Logical Framework Analysis – LFA, and Participatory Poverty Assessment (PPA). Have International experience working in Nigeria on water and sanitation projects.


Mr. Mallapuraju Sanyasi Raju , Sr. Geophysicist

Raju is a post-graduate with an M.Sc. in geophysics from Andhra University, Waltair, and comes with over 8 years of experience as a Geophysicist, earlier worked in WAPCOS and AP Groundwater and Water Audit Department.

Joined Mainstay in 2022 and extensively engaged in groundwater exploration projects carrying geophysical studies, resistivity surveys for groundwater source identification, and preparation of lithological Sections by using IPI2Win, Geosoft, Rockworks, Groundwater Vistas, and Strater Software., He is familiar with Aquifer performance Testing, Aquifer mapping, Groundwater Modelling, video logging, and correlation of Hydrological data with Geological findings. He is also involved in watershed-based studies and assessments, including  Groundwater Estimation (As per GEC), preparation of thematic layers using Remote Sensing and GIS techniques, for recharge and discharge areas, and reporting.  Currently, he is aspiring to develop newer mapping methods

Dr. Sreedhar Kuntamalla., Consultant

Dr. Sreedhar Kuntamalla. has over 10 years of experience as a Hydrogeologist worked in East African countries like Uganda, South Sudan and Burundi with an educational background in Earth Sciences (Ph.D in Applied Geochemistry) from Osmania University. Extensively worked in groundwater exploration projects conducting geophysical studies, resistivity surveys for source point identification and monitoring drilling activities and lithologging and also familiar with aquifer performance test, aquifer mapping, geological and geochemical mapping.
He is also involved in watershed activities like drainage line treatment plans, evaluation of natural resource management (NRM) structures, identification of recharge and discharge areas, crop water budgeting, water security plans, water auditing and preparation of thematic layers using remote sensing and GIS techniques.

Ms. Chandini chandran, Hydrogeologist

Chandini comes with M.Sc in Geology from Central University of Kerala. She  joined Minstay as  Jr. Hydrogeologist in 2022.   She possesses extensive knowledge of Geology and Hydrogeology in undertaking groundwater and surface water assesments and geological exploration studies. She support team in  Qgis, and ArcGIS mapping.   Chandini is a certified Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) professional, dealing with sustainable water management to promote the use of fresh water in a way that is socially, economically, and environmentally beneficial.  She support clients in watershed based AWS GAP assesments for cliental base in beverage and water-inensive industry.   Currently, she is aspirig to develop in the area of groundwater modelling for supporting sustainable water usage.

Mr. V. Satish Kumar, Sr. Consultant - Integration

Satish comes with an M. Tech (Environmental Management) experience of over 10 years, of which he worked in NGRI, Blue Energy Pvt Ltd.,  in the field of Hydrological assessment and environmental studies. Having intensive field experience specifically in Hydrology and environment studies.  Currently, Satish is pursuing a Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences from Osmania University.  He handles various types of software applications in the areas of hydrogeology, modelling, and environmental assessments. Satish also supports reporting with GIS mapping and provides in-depth analysis and integration for sustainable solutions.  He supports the company in groundwater and surface water studies, inducing environmental assessments and studies in developing comprehensive mitigation and management plans for clients in dealing with a diverse industrial base.

Admin & Finance

Mrs. S. P. Lavanya, Admin & Finance

Lavanya is a commerce graduate, who joined Mainstay in 2018.  She takes care of admin and finance. She comes with 10 years of rich experience in the field of finance and accounts. She manages finances and accounting, including cash flow management, and supporting teams with logistics.

Over the years she gained good insight into developing cliental relations, timely invoicing, and meeting the statutory and regulatory compliances of both Income Tax and GST.   Further, she also supports internal auditing processes, accountable for managing the fixed assets of the company.

She supports the Company in optimizing resources planning expenditures and monitoring finances aimed at cost optimization.  Currently, she is planning to improve financial management systems within the company

Senior Consultants

Mrs. Madhavi Latha Muppaneni, Senior Consultant

(Social Assessment – CSR & Risk Mitigation)
Mrs. Madhavi Latha Muppaneni comes with 24 years of rich social development experience she has extensively worked with diverse environments and cultural settings across India. She served as Director for postgraduate studies in R.M. College of social work and Research Centre, Osmania University, Hyderabad. She poses in-depth applied social research and training expertise, both in designing M&E; and impact evaluation studies, assessing social impact studies of various strategic social initiatives, community and stakeholder engagement of corporate social responsibility programs. She has gross root level capacity building and facilitation of CBOS specifically dealing with the empowerment of women, children, gender, panchayat raj, disaster preparedness and health, counseling, water and sanitation, education, agriculture, livelihoods, etc.

Mr. Ganji Sudarshan, Senior Consultant

(Water Resource Assessment & Management - Groundwater)
Mr. Ganji Sudarshan is a nationally reputed hydrogeologist comes with 35 years of experience in various capacities on different aspects of groundwater in Central Ground Water Board (CGWB), Ministry of Jal Shakti, Government of India, and Gujarat Water Resources Development Corporation (GWRDC), Government of Gujarat. His experience largely consists of surveys for groundwater potential; exploration, development, assessment, and management of groundwater resources in various hydrogeological environments and aquifer systems across pan India. He has completed several assignments like planning, design execution monitoring of Demonstrative Artificial Recharge Projects and Rain Water Harvesting Projects under different Government programs to develop/update area-specific methodologies based on proven technology; National Aquifer Mapping (NAQUIM) Program in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and the Karnataka States, “Micro-Level Aquifer Mapping Project in Karnataka State” using the multi-disciplinary holistic scientific approach.
Extensively involved in evaluating and reviewing various industrial, infrastructure, and mining projects as a part of regulatory measures for granting permissions for extraction of groundwater under Central Ground Water Authority (CGWA). He was credited with 34 scientific paper publications in various journals, extensively participated in both National and International seminars, conferences, and workshops. He also compiled more than twenty-five reports on various aspects of groundwater including Aquifer Atlas of India and erstwhile Andhra Pradesh state. Before he joined MDCPL, he worked as Regional Director at CGWB. He is also an accredited empaneled expert by NABET, MoEF.

Dr. Ana Maria, Senior Consultant

(Capacity Development & Impact Evaluation)
Dr. Ana Maria Oteanu is a multilingual international development professional with a strong humanitarian background and 10 years of expertise in development projects and program management in Romania and developing countries such as Afghanistan, India and Ethiopia. With an educational background in social sciences (Ph.D in Sociology), Ms. Oteanu has collaborated with various organizations preparing and conducting evaluation on issues such as poverty reduction, women reproductive and health care, child labor, refugees’ resettlement or social entrepreneurship. With a core expertise in migration, Ms. Oteanu has a proven track record as program director into assessments, evaluation and monitoring consultant, in possession of representation, communication and leadership skills, including capacity of coordination with UN (UNHCR, UNDP, OCHA, UNICEF, HABITAT, IOM) and multilateral Agencies, local and international authorities, donors, humanitarian community and (I) NGOs.

Dr. K. Reddy, Senior Consultant

(Environment, Water and Natural Resources Management)
Dr. K. Reddy has 12 years of industrial and research experience in environmental, integrated water resource and natural resource management, site assessments with respect to resource availability and associated future risks, sustainability plans for business continuity, integrated water management (IWM). Specialized in risk evaluation and develop management plan environmental and water resources management strategies in conjunction with client business plans and in alignment with overall environmental and water suitability. Assess current and future water resource supply and demand of source water and alternative source evaluation. Expert in development of strategies on regulatory compliances on environmental issues especially, water and wastewater discharge, water conservation at facility level and community scale, recycle, reuse and compliance of wastewater discharge. Have excellent knowledge in groundwater balance, modelling, flood risk assessment, deign of drinking water systems and identify feasible locations for artificial recharge India to replenish/augment groundwater resources. Water treatment technologies, environmental site assessments, ESA due diligence, climate analysis and land use. Design of corporate sustainability planning for environmental, water and social sector. DPR preparations for water and solid waste management for metropolitan cities. Have demonstrated skills in geophysical, hydrogeological and remote sensing & GIS for environmental management systems.

Mr. Narendra Kumar Balla, Senior Consultant

(Environment & Industrial Waste water)
Mr. Narendra Kumar Balla, has 12 years of experience in the fields of environmental management. Water and waste water treatment, design, erecting, operation and management. Experience in conducting EIA, DPR preparations, feasibility studies and environmental management plans. Conducted many skill development trainings and workshops to empower rural students and women Water resource management and risk mitigation plans. Experienced in Environment, Air Quality Modelling & Noise Modelling studies. Experienced in Environmental baseline monitoring studies – Air, Water, Noise, Soil and industrial EHS training and Audits. Has done M.Tech in environmental engineering and MS in water and coastal resource management from UK. Specialist in Environmental Pollution / Risk Models (WRPLOT, ISCST3, AERMOD, ALOHA, EFFECTS, CUSTIC, LANDGEM), Have analytical skills for environmental sample analysis, AutoCAD Map 2010, EPANet. Certified Internal Auditor for ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Systems by IEMA and Certified Internal Auditor for ISO 18001:2007 OHSAS by BSI.