How We Work

What makes us unique…
We provide integrated sustainability solutions customized to meet client needs and challenges.

  • We integrate Environmental, Water, Social, Risk and compliance performance areas.
  • We do primary impact assessments from the very source of raw material procurement, process, discharge and disposal.
  • We develop integrated mitigation plans and provide support to execute and measure performance of each process.
  • We provide third party audits for water, social, environmental, risk and compliance processes.

Mainstay anchors through a panel of well-established consultants and advisors including those from academia, practitioners, not-for-profit sector, change management leaders and subject experts in their individual capacities and collectively.

These resources will act as change agents and facilitators in promoting innovative models and interactive partnerships involving government, private enterprise, community and the civil society sector.

Mainstay is committed to the principles of learning, sharing and combining our strengths to achieve common goals and aspirations, while working with collaborative ventures and partnerships.