Non-profit Management Organizational Development

Organizational change management, ethical policies and practices, management system development, and NGO partnership development. We work to deliver the following processes

  • Develop strategic planning – Develop Clarity and Realism of Purpose
  • Employee engagement – Ensure Commitment and Ownership
  • Organizational culture – Building value-driven mission
  • Learning and development – Assess Monitor, Measure, and Reinforce

Organizational Strategy

Establishing overall organizational development plans to determine the organization’s product/services scope, policies, and programs it chooses to compete and perform

  • Supporting organizations to integrate shared values and beliefs in common as relate to one another, their jobs, roles, and functioning of the organization in achieving its goals
  • Organizational design & operations – These services deal with management in developing organizational relationships with key stakeholders
  • Promoting communication systems to deal with people – program and project teams, clients, customers, vendors, senior management, and other program stakeholders
  • Measure and report impact – Deploying tools and IT infrastructure to ensure the above deliverables